Disney Studios

Sotheby’s International Realty

...I'm always looking for new things to set my services apart from the next agent.I recently used Edwards services with his mobile Cappuccino Bar for several Open Houses- and it was fantastic. Not only was he prompt and professional he provided a variety of hot and cold(blended ) drinks that would rival any of the up-scale coffee house... I would highly recommend Ruiseau Espresso - Mobile Cappucinno Bar. - Lorae K Tayler - Sotheby's International Realty

Fox Studios

Universal Studios

Keyes Lexus dealership

Along Came Mary

Columbia Pictures

California Clothing Mart

Coast Plaza Hospital

Distinctive Assets [see images from this event]

...Thank you for providing your extraordinary Ruisseau Coffee Service at our Latin GRAMMY ® Talent Gift Lounge. It was obviously a total hit with the celebrities in attendance, and I was impressed both with the better-than-Starbucks quality of your creations as well your fabulous personality and professionalism. - Lash Fary - Founder & President, Distinctive Assets

MGA Entertainment

This is far from your ordinary beverage service, Edward and Ruisseau Espresso easily creates some of the best hot & cold coffee drinks I (and my guests) have ever tasted! - Dave Malacrida - VP Public & Media Relations, MGA Entertainment (Bratz)

John and Trina Goodwin [see images from this event]

The espresso cart was the hit of our wedding- everyone was thrilled to get their favorite coffee treat (several times) & everytime I talk to someone about the event they inevitably bring up the cart & how impressed & happy they were that it was there.  Definitley the icing on our wedding reception, thanks Edward! - John & Trina Goodwin

Patrick Crowley

In my line of work I absolutely need to know that I've hired somebody I can count on and  Ruisseau Espresso is definitely that kind of company. Quality, class and professionalism - I use them every chance I can. - Patrick Crowley, Producer, The bourne identity

Eileen Rosenberg

The quality and professionalism of edward's product is amazing! it was a beautiful addition to my son's engagement party. thank you edward! - Eileen Rosenberg

Sotheby's International Realty

Pink! Productions

Thank you so much for the wonderful coffee cart service you provided.  Everyone loved the wide variety of delicious drinks as well as your organized and friendly staff.  I will surely use Ruisseau Espresso for all my coffee cart needs at future events.  You were such a pleasure to work with. -Paige Levy, Event Coordinator, Pink! Productions

Bebop Jeans

I googled coffee guys and came up..........i hired him to do a 4 day event and the coffee and Edward were the smash hit. the coffee was wonderful, price was reasonable and Edwards personality is warm and inviting. i will hire him for all future events. everyone loves coffee and everyone remembers where they had a great coffee! - Betsy Weisberg, Bebop Jeans

Palisades Junior Women's Organization

On behalf of the Palisades Junior Women's Organization, I just wanted to thank you so much for the fabulous coffee service at our annual birthday celebration on behalf of our community's 90 and older seniors. The coffee cart added a new level of sophistication to our little neighborgood event... Your service was so warm, professional and superb. You really made the event a success, and we thank you deeply. We look forward to seeing you again next year! - Helen Levin

Boys & Girls Club of Hollywood

We enjoyed your service and delicious products during our Open House. We hope to do this again in the Spring and look forward to working with you at that time. - Christine Brazil, Chief Professional Officer, Boys & Girls Club of Hollywood

Close To Home

Not only does Ruisseau provide fantastic coffee but Edward is a terrific guy to talk to, his humor and intelligence are primary reasons why he will be in demand in the future. - John Carroll Lynch, Actor, Close To Home

Keyes Cars

I was totally amazed by the great taste when I took the first sip of Edward's ice blended coffee. I had no idea that ice beverages can taste this good - even in cold weather! Edward, thank you for being at our Christmas party and every one loved your ice blended coffee and the tropical fruit drinks. -Enamul Islam

Dilbeck Realtors

Edward--Thank you so much for making our Broker's Open House such a huge success! Everyone loved it. The quality and professionalism you brought to the event was first rate. We look forward to using you again soon. - Wendy Neckels & Michelle Mirandon Dilbeck, Realtors - Studio City